The three Marchesini brothers Giampaolo, Tiziano and Lucio discovered their passion for footwear at the end of the nineties, right in the middle of the Verona shoemaking district, where the best artisan shoemakers still work today. And it is there that the pulsing heart of Marchesini continues to beat.


Taking care of women’s footwear: Marchesini has always done so with passion and care, because it has women at heart, whatever their needs may be. The line Markò was created first; not very long after, the company chose to work for women in search of comfort, introducing the Papaya line.


Marchesini: the artisans of creativity for twenty years now.


Quality has no boundaries. Our products are in demand everywhere in the world, as their extraordinary quality is quite appreciated.

This means being true artisans: creativity in designing models, care in the selection of materials, dedication in the production process, with meticulous attention to details and finishes.


Quality is timeless, because it accompanies time. We have always preserved our philosophy, which lets us respond to the tastes of a constantly evolving clientèle. To give beauty, style and comfort to twenty-first century women.